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Nothing is more frustrating than spending your time putting out fires instead of planning for your long-range success. Unfortunately, that's exactly what can happen if your accounting systems aren't on target and up-to-date.

Of course, the solution isn't as simple as putting out the fire. It's finding out how the fire started, and making sure you don't ever see one like it again.

That takes a resource with the education and experience to really understand you, your business, and your industry.

A resource with the ability to get to the source of your business problems and provide the best, most accurate solutions. One with hands-on experience in strategic planning.

That resource is Harrison Accounting Group, Inc., your resource for success.

The need to show greater profits

In today's competitive marketplace, can you really afford accounting that's limited to just tax returns and bank statement analysis? Full service accounting means more than just crunching numbers. You need to be able to pick and choose between a wide variety of accounting services. Like these, above and beyond, type services that Harrison Accounting Group, Inc. offer you to choose from:

  • Partnerships/corporations/sole proprietor - We'll help you make an educated decision on possible structuring alternatives for you and your business. Because selecting the proper structure of your business can help maximize profitability while minimizing the legal required taxes.
  • Tax Savings - We'll give you sound advice on many tax saving issues such as medical reimbursement plans, deferred compensation plans, bonuses, employee perks, cafeteria programs, and more.
  • Business management consulting - We evaluate your overhead and then work towards maximizing profits and cutting costs in accordance with your business goals.
  • Accumulated earnings issues - Professional "C" Corporations have accumulated earnings issues which we have successfully fought, even going to the appellate level to get the final decision in favor of our clients.
  • Mergers & dissolutions - We'll work with you to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible during this time of change, and that you get all the appropriate tax savings as well. We have been directly involved in over 200 million dollars in transactions that ensured our clients prosperity as well as their shareholders.
  • Receivables - We'll help structure a receivables system which can help you get paid on time while keeping your cash flow flowing. We also help with the "factoring" of receivables so you can get cash instantly.
  • Financing - We can help you structure loan packages to get funded. We'll complete you loan documents and advise you on the best points, rates, and tax deductions available.
  • IRS representation - We've successfully defended hundreds of professionals before the IRS in defending their revenue recognition.

And this is just a partial list. We'll help you take advantage of all the special circumstances available to you that will increase your profitability. Harrison Accounting Group, Inc. has helped hundreds of professionals become more profitable over the last half century. We are waiting to give you the close, personal attention you deserve. Call today. You'll rest easier, and make more profits.


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