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Sherry A. Matsumoto, C.P.A.


“Operating a business is like the process of life.  You begin somewhat unprepared, struggle, put
in a lot of hard work, and grow with gained knowledge and opportunities.  My goal is to make the
growing process easier and to help them become more successful.”
“Being number one shouldn’t be your sole purpose in life.  Striving to more that you are should
be.  Sharing my tax, accounting and business operations knowledge with our clients, helps them
become more that they can be.”

“Passing my knowledge onto our clients allows them to take control of their personal and business destinies.
My education over the years has taught me to take control.  Our clients should have the same opportunity.”

   BS: Accounting, University of California at Hayward, 1993  
Certified Public Accountant: State of California, 1997
Continuing education includes: Accounting, Auditing, Individual Taxation, Exempt Entity Taxation


Education is the soul of life.  Learning from my peers and passing on their teachings to our clients
enlightens their souls and mine. ”

Member:  American Institute of Certified Public Accounts
Member:  California Society of Certified Public Accounts

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